Perfect after-sales service to eliminate your worries

Shangjie furniture has pre-sale, sale, sale of three services to meet all your time period of service needs.

pre-sale service

Provide professional advice to answer any of your professional and technical questions and product information.
Provide detailed information to provide all the information you have purchased.
To provide a study reception, always welcome your study, and to provide you with a variety of convenient conditions.
Provide a reasonable offer, the use of professional design software simulation office site, to help you plan the most space-saving and most economical office layout.

Sale service

Provide computer-aided drawing design, the choice of products by computer color, office space planning.
Provide professional installation and maintenance services support, according to the requirements of the product installation, commissioning, use, maintenance technical support.

After-sales service

All products sold by our company are covered by a five-year warranty.
After receiving the consultation and the customer's goods, the Company will give a clear reply within 24 hours.
After-sales service staff will be in thirty-six hours to make a reasonable explanation and a clear solution to time and program.