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The necessary steps for the mobile compact acceptance and installation


After purchasing and installing, the mobile compact rack needs to be tried out first, and whether the use of the mobile compact is normal or not, so that the problem can be solved in advance. If there are individual difficulties, because the installation master is at the commissioning site, so you can ask the installation master about the problem. Avoid unnecessary trouble in later use. Regarding in the dense frame installation acceptance spot needs to notice the question, everybody may understand.

Installation debugging, from the trial found problems. After the purchase of the mobile compact, there is a professional installation of the installation master (regarding the specific steps of the installation of the dense frame, we can refer to the installation method of the mobile compact), and after installation, we will formally enter the debugging process. Test the normal operation of the dense frame, whether the dense frame in the operation within the appropriate distance to produce sound, and so on basic trial.


Check to see if the arrangement is reasonable before installing the mobile compact rack. It is necessary to plan the space reasonably so that the space utilization ratio can reach the maximum. After installing the mobile compact we need to see whether the moving space of the mobile compact is reasonable and whether the upper reserved space is sufficient and so on. The height of the dense frame is usually 2.3 meters, the height of the room should reach 2.6 meters when installed, which is 30 centimeters higher to facilitate air circulation, and the side wall of the dense frame can not be close to the wall, otherwise it is not conducive to the later cleaning and local heat dissipation.


The dense frame is installed and placed in the rear frame. When we have installed the compact rack fittings and checked the space, we need to put some of the items on the mobile compact to check if there are any anomalies, whether there is any skew or not. Whether the operation is good or not, and so on, the small parts are not at all problematic.

After the first three steps are completed, the next debugging is the movement of the frame, whether the push or pull is abnormal, how the chain rotates, whether it can't be moved and so on. If there is no abnormal situation, we control the mobile compact rack as a whole to ensure the storage security of the file, and then we can use the mobile compact normally.


In order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the use of the mobile compact rack, it is absolutely necessary to debug and try the mobile compact cabinet after the installation of the mobile compact cabinet, which can save maintenance time and money cost. Can also understand the problem in the debugging process, in the use of small problems can be solved in time, can be said to kill more than one stone.