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Do you know about spraying office furniture



Nowadays, the personalized design makes the steel office furniture more and more diverse, and the color is more and more abundant. How to make the monotonous steel plate realize rich colors? That is the metal electrostatic powder coating process.

The metal electrostatic powder spraying process directly adsorbs the powder directly on the surface of the cold-rolled steel plate by static electricity, and the sprayed plate directly enters the heating box to be solidified, and then processed into various furniture products.

The four characteristics are clear at a glance:

1. No smell

The surface of the powder-sprayed furniture is powder coated. The powder coating has good encapsulation and sealing properties on the plate, which can block the volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

2. Waterproof

The powder coating products are not afraid of blisters, easy to clean and easy to clean. The surface of the powdered furniture is a powder coating high-strength protective layer, which has excellent performances such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance and acid and alkali resistance. The powder coating after cold spraying can effectively isolate the furniture sheet from the external environment.

3. Colorful

The color and surface effect of the dusting furniture are excellent, simple, colorful, fashionable and economical.

The combination and application of powder coating color makes office furniture get rid of dullness, making the environment more interesting, relaxed and comfortable, and combining color and environment.

4. More Freedom Design

The plug-in design can be fully realized: the powder-sprayed furniture can be integrally formed at one time, and the processing effect on the shaped corners is excellent. With the support of powder coating, a fully plug-in design is fully possible.

Strong plasticity makes the design more versatile: the powder-coated furniture can achieve full arc design, corner processing is not a problem, every detail is wrapped in a perfect environmentally friendly powder, which can better interpret the design elements, for complex shapes The performance of the side is outstanding, and there is a better design space.

Luoyang Shangjie Furniture Co., Ltd. can provide a variety of different styles of steel cabinets, while supporting a variety of color powders and printing customization, using powder coatings that are harmless to the human body and extremely stable in properties,  the products are not volatile, no paint, no water, There is no organic volatile substance such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc., which fundamentally realizes zero pollution of the furniture, zero paint, zero armor, zero volatilization!