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Office Furniture Purchase Online Trend In German


More and more Germans browse and buy furniture online, and the online market has great potential.

Jan Kurth, general manager of the German Furniture Industry Association VDM, said: “German consumers are increasingly buying furniture products online. By 2018, the share of online shopping in the furniture industry has reached 14%. Around the world, most singles and consumers under the age of 30 tend to buy furniture online rather than in physical stores."

At the annual economic news conference, Coors shared the latest data on the furniture industry. After the decline in sales in the second half of last year, the German furniture industry only increased by 1% in the first half of this year, but it is still a gratifying data.


According to VDM data, German consumers are becoming more and more familiar with buying furniture online. Data on consumer access to information sources also confirm this. Furniture companies remain the most important source of information for consumers (68%), followed by leaflets from furniture stores (54%). But almost half of the respondents (48%) now use the Internet as a source of information and a source of inspiration for their furniture purchases. Among the younger target population (40 and under), 77% chose the Internet as a source of information, which shows its overwhelming advantage.

Three-quarters of consumers who bought larger furniture in the past five years chose to buy at a physical furniture store. Nearly 10% of people buy furniture at pure online retailers, and another 4% buy through the online store of the furniture store. This means that the current share of e-commerce in the German furniture industry accounts for 14%.

Coors said: "Online furniture sales do have great potential, and sellers in the industry should make the most of this, providing consumers with an attractive product concept and communicating enough sales information to the target group."